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Worker guidance & assistance systems

Particularly with multi-variant production, companies are increasingly faced with the task of how to quickly train their employees in the respective assembly activities and support them during their work. This is where digital assistance systems for worker guidance can provide valuable help.

They guide the worker through the assembly process, step by step, by displaying the respective required tasks to them on the screen with the help of texts, graphics, photos or videos. There are various options available for process support and interaction, as the system is modular and allows the activation of all kinds of different hardware components, for example, Pick2Light lighting strips, touch monitors, intervention sensors, balances and many more.

Worker assistance systems reduce learning on the job time significantly and achieve a noticeable increase in productivity. The error rate will be lower, the quality better. In times of skilled staff shortages, they provide the possibility of integrating untrained personnel in the assembly. Disabled employees are also given the opportunity to participate in working life again. The solutions can, of course, also be usefully deployed in other areas apart from assembly, such as in the goods receiving area, order picking or dispatch.

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