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Workplace lighting for workshop and industry

Correct lighting is an important factor for the work quality and well-being of employees, not only for manual work but also for semi-automated processes within linked workstations. At MiniTec you will find high-quality profile luminaires with which you illuminate your workplaces optimally. With the LED profile luminaire, the LED mini profile luminaire or the LED system workplace luminaires, you will find the right light system for every workplace in our product range – including dimmable lights if you require. Learn more

Illuminating advantages for your workplace system

Correct and adequate illumination of the workplace is a factor in workplace design that cannot be ignored. Light incidence has enormous effects on the well-being and health of your employees. If the workplace is too dark or illuminated too brightly, it can lead to long-term damage of vision. Whoever can see well can also carry out their tasks safely and tires more slowly. Therefore, opt for our LED workplace lighting and protect the eyesight of your workers.

Everything in view with the LED profile luminaire

The LED profile luminaire illuminates every workplace optimally. Regardless of whether at the workbench, at machines or in the office. The long-lasting luminaires with an LED life of up to 50,000 hours are virtually maintenance free. They are easily dimmable so that the light intensity can be adjusted to the individual needs of the employees and the circumstances at the workplace. The profile luminaires are also highly energy efficient and are available in special lengths.

Thanks to their enormous luminous power and glare-free LED bulbs, the Lucidus provides optimum light at machines, workbenches, individual and team workplaces for pleasant and energy-efficient lighting at the workplace.

The profile luminaire can be very easily integrated in the profile frame construction, so that installation without a specialist is possible without a hitch. The profile luminaire also fits ideally in the proven MiniTec modular principle, as it can be precisely fitted into the 45x45 profile and can also be used directly as its own profile. It can be installed with all the fastening elements in our modular profile system.

Practical and versatile:
The LED mini profile luminaire

Our LED mini profile luminaires are new in the MiniTec product range. They impress users through their performance and diverse possible uses. Whether in the workshop or as industrial lighting, the LED mini profile luminaires provide targeted and selective light in the workplace. They are perfectly suitable for illuminating manual workplaces, workplaces at machines, e.g. lathes and milling machines as well as for measuring technology. Thanks to the fastening kit supplied, the profile luminaires can be easily integrated in the profile groove.

Flicker-free and energy efficient:
LED system workplace luminaires

The MiniTec system workplace luminaires have a convincingly compact and robust housing made of self-supporting aluminium profile, natural anodised. The LEDs are absolutely flicker-free due to their DC operation. The LED life of up to 50,000 hours makes the luminaires virtually maintenance free. The smooth, sealed surface makes the luminaires easy to clean and they are therefore also suitable for demanding working environments.

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