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TSG transfer system

The TSG transfer system for automation

If you want to optimise your assembly processes without forfeiting speed or precision, the MiniTec TSG transfer system is an ideal choice. Whether for smooth material flow, precise tool provisioning or ergonomic and time-saving lifting and positioning tasks – with the TSG transfer system you automate your conveying section economically and effectively. Learn more

Our TSG transfer system combines precision and efficiency

Flexibility in production is becoming increasingly important. Fast and easy adaptations to product developments or changing market requirements are a decisive factor for economic success. The TDG transfer system is in line with this development. All the advantages of our modular system for mechanical engineering and the precision of our linear system are used in this system. The TSG transfer system is completely compatible with the tried and tested MiniTec(-) profile system with workstations, protective devices, conveyor systems, handling equipment and many more components. Manual stations as well as complex automated processes can be implemented with the TSG transfer system. The TSG transfer systems are a particularly economic solution for small piece weights.

Customised system concepts for added flexibility

With the TSG transfer system, the circulation of the belt route can be designed flexibly with a large number of system concepts. These standardised modules include the basic circulation, the compact circulation and the vertical circulation as well as the U-circulation and double-U circulation. With auxiliary connections and numerous combinations of multiple concepts, innumerable options are available to your for the customised design of your installations.

With extensive accessories such as stoppers, sensors, switches, workpiece carriers and many other components, the TSG transfer system can be adapted to your specific requirements. High-quality elements contribute to making the transfer systems virtually maintenance free and particularly durable. Robust timing belts 25 T5 with steel reinforcement ensure permanent use without retensioning.

Planning and assembly to customer’s wishes from a single source

The TSG transfer systems are available for assembly by customers or as ready to operate systems including commissioning. The planning and layout can also be undertaken by us to customer specification. Simply contact us and our experts will be pleased to advise you on the possible uses of the TSG transfer system in your company.

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