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Segmented chain conveyors

Chain conveyors in different sizes – including for heavy loads

The MiniTec segmented chain conveyor (GFK) has already proven its reliability in numerous applications. Like all MiniTec system designs, the segmented chain conveyor series is also based on the variable and robust MiniTec profile system. The entire range of MiniTec components and system solutions can therefore be combined with the conveyor technology series chain conveyors. Due to this property, even existing production lines can be smoothly expanded and developed. Learn more

Diverse sizes for maximum flexibility

Sizes from 90 to 314 mm are available to you in the extensive GKF system selection for the design of your conveyor systems. The conveyor systems can be supplied with eight different plastic chains made of modified acetate and three VA versions made of stainless steel 1.4016. Depending on the respective compilation of the different components, the segmented chain conveyor is suitable for transport speeds of up to 30 metres per minute.

Robust segmented chains – usable from icy to hot

The segmented chains made of plastic or low-corrosion stainless steel enable linear and curved horizontal and vertical movements. The flexible routing allows space-saving GKF designs, whereby vertical curves or lifting equipment enable the use of multiple levels. The stainless steel chains are also extraordinarily robust and withstand temperatures of -40 to +120 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature limits of the plastic chains depend on the conditions: In a wet condition they are limited to 0 to 65 degrees, in dry operation to -40 to +80 degrees.

Reliability and performance in many areas of use

The MiniTec segmented chain conveyor performs convincingly in a large number of application fields: in the transport of unit loads in testing systems, in the connecting of individual and outer packaging systems, in labelling, in dispatch logistics, in assembly lines or in linking workstations. Whether in the automotive industry, in the cosmetic sector, pharmaceutical industry or in the food and electrical industry: The segmented chain conveyor ensures safe transport of the different unit loads.

Planning, design and assembly from a single source

The chain conveyor system can be delivered in assemblies for self-assembly, or as a ready to use system. On request, we also undertake the complete planning, design and assembly, as well as the commissioning in your company. Our services also include the ergonomic design of the workplaces, including material and information provision, in order to design complete production lines in combination with segmented chain conveyors.

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