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Aluminum profiles of profile series 45

Standardized profiles - individual constructions

Our profile series 45 impresses with a variety of different profiles. Depending on the area of application, our profile system offers you exactly the aluminum profiles that meet your individual application. From the aluminum profile 45x45 over the aluminum profile 45 R 45 degrees up to the aluminum profile 90x90x45 - convince yourself of our product variety. Learn more

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Aluminum profiles 45 - the modular dimension for a variety of applications

Profiles from the 45 series are universally applicable for constructions of all kinds. Due to their compact dimensions and reduced weight, the aluminum profiles in the 45 series are particularly suitable for lightweight and weight-optimized constructions, which are essential in industry, mechanical engineering and plant construction, among others. The aluminum profiles have also proven themselves in high temperatures and outdoor applications, as well as in high hygiene requirements in the food industry, medical technology and beverage filling.

Industries that rely on aluminum profiles from our 45 profile series for stable and reliable constructions:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Plant engineering
  • Automation technology
  • Food industry
  • Beverage bottling
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical technology

Your industry is missing? Feel free to contact our experts. Together we will find the right aluminum profiles from our modular system, which will help you to efficiently realize your individual project.

High quality constructions for industry

Whether for the construction of doors and windows, showcases and display cases or tables and side tables, in our wide range you are guaranteed to find the right aluminum profiles in size 45.

Realize with the profiles of anodized aluminum, among others, the following constructions:

  • Pivoting, lifting and sliding doors
  • Handles and grip rails for doors, drawers and handrails in various lengths
  • Lightweight sliding windows
  • Tables and side tables
  • Showcases and display cabinets
  • Racks, frames and casings
  • Supports for initiators and switches
  • Supports and support surfaces
  • Protective fields and guards
  • Base plates and clamping plates
  • Floor mounting plates

Profile technology and linear technology from the modular system

Due to the identical shape of the grooves of our aluminum profiles (i.e. groove depth and groove width), which enable simple connections between all profiles of a profile series, our modular system has already proven itself in numerous applications. But it is not only aluminum profiles that can be combined with each other in a few simple steps. The profile technology in grid size 45 can also be extended with linear technology, for example for:

  • Linear rails
  • Linear modules
  • Linear guides
  • Carriage plates for linear slides

Aluminum profiles in other dimensions

Since the profiles made of high-quality aluminum represent the core of our modular system, we do not only carry one but several profile series. In addition to aluminum profiles in pitch 45, users will also find more compact profiles in pitch 30 as well as special designs. Aluminum profiles 30 are always a good choice when particularly light profiles are required. Special aluminum profiles are used when standard solutions are not sufficient.

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