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Responsible for our environment

Resource-saving management and sustainability in all areas are fixed components of our corporate philosophy. We permanently analyze and optimize our own corporate activities in terms of climate protection. MiniTec also acts as an enabler for its customers and offers them climate-friendly technologies and solutions. After all, striving for climate-neutral production will be of ever greater importance in the future for the existence of companies on the market.

Get an overview of how sustainability is lived at MiniTec here:

Aluminum with high recycled content

A major advantage of aluminum as a material is its long service life. 75% of the aluminum ever produced is still in use. A large part of it has already been recycled several times, with this rate rising continuously and accounting for more than 2/3 of total consumption in Germany. Only 5% of the original amount of energy is required to recover the raw material, which significantly improves the eco-balance of this material.

Environmentally friendly design

An important prerequisite for recycling without loss of quality, however, is recycling-oriented product design and the sorted collection of the recyclable material. Therefore, all extruded MiniTec profiles are made of the same alloy. The aluminum swarf and profile remnants produced during production are collected in a closed cycle and sorted for recycling. Specially marked collection containers are available for this purpose in each department.

Reusability of the profiles due to MiniTec connection technology

One of the most important contributions to the conservation of resources is the unlimited reusability of our profiles and components. The reason for this is the unique MiniTec profile connector, which allows structures to be assembled without drilling. This means that they can be easily dismantled and all components reused for other purposes. And by the way, the fact that no mechanical processing is required also means that less energy is needed.