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Table base frame

Assembly tables for the optimum workplace

MiniTec has set itself the task of significantly optimising workflows. For this reason, we offer you assembly tables that can be adapted to your needs and standards, so that an optimum and ergonomic working environment is created. Our table baseframes provide the basis for flexible workplaces and ensure maximum design freedom – including in the height adjustment. When developing and designing our assembly tables and systems we of course opt for the highest quality.
As a specialist for the ergonomic design of workplace systems, we will be pleased to help you select the right frame and tabletop. We cater for the individual requirements of your working environment. Even if you opt for an assembly table with variable dimensions, you benefit from the MiniTec combinability. Learn more

Standard dimensions or variable assembly table? You decide!

Opt for an assembly table with already defined dimensions or assemble your workplace or your workbench with your own required dimensions. The variable box table is made up of a baseframe made of the profile Series 45 and can be specified with required dimensions. The device is suitable not only as a standing workplace but also as a seated workplace. The box table 1000 or the box table 1200 is optimally suitable for the design of smaller workplaces. The workstations in the form of a box table size 1500 or box table 2000 are designed for larger work tasks.

Assembly & workstations for use in practice

In many companies, products must be assembled or further processed. An optimum workplace is necessary for this. Whether workbenches or workstations for industry – we have the suitable table for every purpose. We create a stable workstation for your employees with different jigs and accessories. Our assembly tables of course meet the current safety regulations and bear witness to maximum quality. Due to the height-adjustable hinged feet on our assembly tables, it is possible to adjust to the floor. The stability of the system ensures maximum safety in the workplace. Due to the stable load capacity of the baseframe, the box tables are also used for heavy assembly work. With the frames made of aluminium profiles, our assembly tables withstand even the highest requirements. Whether high temperatures, outdoor applications or particular hygiene requirements, the tables made of aluminium defy all conditions. Aluminium has a high strength and at the same time a low weight, which makes the material a particularly stable material and thus perfectly suitable for assembly tables in industry.

The tables can also be expanded as required and numerous functions can be added. Due to the identical shape of the grooves in our profiles, simple connection of different aluminium profiles is possible. Supplemented with our tabletops or assembly worktops, you create the optimum work area for every workplace. With base cabinets with drawers you also ensure optimum organisation. With adaptable and adjustable assembly tables, it is easy for assembly work that arises to be dealt with effectively and to keep order. The assembly tables are also electrically conductive. With our ESD accessories, you design the workplace to be safe and protect employees and equipment.

Success with maximum flexibility

We opt for organisation, mobility and flexibility for all our products. Our workstations are also based on the flexible modular MiniTec profile system. Thanks to the modular system you can individually adapt the assembly table to the needs of each employee. Expand and change your workplace with different tabletops or assembly worktops and use base sections and cabinets to ensure optimum organisation in the workplace. The ideal workstation, which adapts to your needs, is created in next to no time. With its minimum weight, the box table can also be conveniently moved into any corner of the workshop, to adapt to changing needs. We redefine assembly tables.

Height-adjustable feet enable adjustment not only to unevenness in the floor but also slight adjustments to the body size of different employees. With our height-adjustable tables we offer you the option of an ergonomic workplace design with height-adjustment. As the design of the workplace verifiably affects the well-being and performance of employees, together with you we ensure the optimum working atmosphere. Intelligent assembly tables optimise your workflows and lead to more success in your workshop.

Benefit from extensive service and large product selection

MiniTec offers assembly tables that you can adapt to any situation in your company. Due to our modular system, sophisticated solutions can be implemented any intended use. We set the highest standards for our system and therefore only stock products that meet the industry’s quality standards.

Our diverse products are supplemented by comprehensive advice. We can look back on many years of experience in ergonomic workplace design and will be pleased to pass our knowledge onto you. You can rely on more than 60 sales and service partners worldwide who are to hand to help you with the design of your workplace. Whether height-adjustable tables or workstations with lifter, workplace lighting as well as special assembly jibs – we find the optimal solution. Together with MiniTec Smart Solutions GmbH, we also work on interactive assistance systems, which make manual assembly considerably easier.

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