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Aluminum special profiles

The ideal complement for the MiniTec profile system

With our aluminum special profiles you can realize a variety of projects. We offer you a useful addition to the aluminum profiles of the series 30 and 45, because the best designs know no standard. For this reason, we offer you aluminum profiles that deviate from the standard profiles. Our product portfolio is complemented by a comprehensive service. In addition, you will receive support from us as an aluminum special profile store in the selection of suitable products. With us you will find every aluminum special profile - simple and uncomplicated at the best price!

We will show you what makes our special profiles and how they are integrated into our modular system. Because even with the aluminum special profiles with different profile cross-sections, you benefit from the usual MiniTec combinability. Learn more

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Aluminum special profiles for a wide range of requirements

The special profiles made of aluminum are used in many sectors and are indispensable in mechanical engineering, industry and automation technology. The special profiles are also used in plant engineering. Due to the increasing demand for aluminum special profiles, our range is also constantly expanding.

Typical applications of special profiles made of aluminum:

  • Complex manufacturing systems
  • Workplace systems
  • Plant construction
  • Railings, stairs
  • Cabinet systems
  • Machine frames
  • Shelving systems
  • Frame constructions

The special profiles made of aluminum also play a major role in the construction of workplace systems and in trade fair construction. Here, the profiles have to bear a high weight. In addition, each workplace brings individual requirements. With the profile for height adjustments, it is possible to react flexibly to every requirement. Height-adjustable aluminum special profiles are indispensable, especially for the design of simple and cost-effective height adjustments of ergonomic workplaces.For smaller protective devices and constructions, where especially small aluminum profiles are required, our aluminum special profiles made of durable metal can be used. Aluminum has a high strength and at the same time a low weight, which makes the material a particularly load-bearing construction material. The special profiles have a temperature resistance from -20°C to over 200°C. Even a variety of chemicals cannot harm the profile. Each of our profiles is designed to withstand the high loads. Because all our aluminum special profiles have one thing in common: stability. In addition, all special profiles can be combined with each other in any way.

Aluminum angle profiles - Ideal for special mounting angles

Angled profiles can be used in a variety of ways. They owe their name to their angular profile cross-section. Angle profiles are often used both in industry and in the private sector, and rectangular profiles are also conceivable. The angle profile 89 x 89 made of aluminum serves, for example, as a pre-material for special mounting brackets. Due to high quality material the edges are protected against wear and tear. Our aluminum angle profiles are anodized, which makes them weather resistant, so they can also be used outdoors.

Aluminum handle profiles - Components in the profile system

The AL handle profile is used primarily for doors. The profiles can also be used to cover butt edges, as table ends or as cover strips for cables or pneumatic lines. The aluminum handle profile is completed with the matching cover caps. With a weight of only 0.890 kg/m, the handle profile from the special aluminum profile can be easily installed at any location. The handle profile is also anodized and extruded, which means that the profile can also be used outdoors.

Aluminum track profile - Brings movement into your profile system

The fields of application for running rail profiles are wide-ranging. Among other things, the running rail profile can be used for multi-leaf or single-leaf sliding doors. In mechanical engineering, it can be used as a profile rail guide.

Supplement aluminum special profiles with the appropriate connecting elements

In addition to an extensive portfolio of high-quality aluminum special profiles, MiniTec offers a wide range of profile connection technology in all dimensions. With suitable connecting elements, the assembly of all special profiles is quick and easy. By combining the aluminum special profiles with profile connectors, mounting brackets or connecting plates, we enable the optimal overall construction.

Comprehensive service combined with a large profile selection

MiniTec acts as both a manufacturer and a supplier of the aluminum special profiles for many years and therefore acts as a professional in the field of aluminum special profiles. We do not only have a warehouse, but we are also specialists in the processing of metals with high technical requirements. In particular, we focus on one metal: aluminum. Our profile system offers aluminum profiles in different profile cross sections for every need.

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