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Base cabinets & fastening kits

Base cabinets and fastening kits for workplace systems

An orderly and tidy workplace is demonstrably more productive and safe. With the MiniTec base cabinets and fastening kits the worktop can be kept clear quickly and easily: Available in numerous sizes and colours, you are sure to find the right base cabinet for industry and the workshop. Learn more

Brings order into any workplace

The MiniTec drawer base cabinets and door base cabinets are made of stable painted steel. In industry, they are suitable for production lines and production islands or as part of an individual workplace. Available in several sizes, they are extremely stable and provide space for all necessary tools and other work materials. They therefore introduce order and structure into the workplace, thereby simplifying and optimising production processes. At the same time, the base cabinets protect work materials from dirt or chemicals in the industrial environment. That is not only convenient, but also economic, because it extends the life of your tools.

Storage space that is also visually convincing

The standard MiniTec base cabinet for workplace systems is available in uniform light grey or with a light grey body and brilliant blue drawers and doors so that it also visually fits seamlessly. Alternatively, on request you can choose from these colours for the drawers and doors: grey-green, reseda green, light grey, light blue, ruby red, water blue, anthracite, red-orange, brilliant blue and aluminium silver. The MiniTec base cabinets not only impress with their functionality but also set visual accents in industry and in the workshop.

Convenient handling with full extension

The MiniTec telescopic runner with self-closing is precisely the right answer for maximum comfort and convenience. Areas of application are for pulling out drawers with ball-bearing track as well as pulling-out workpiece carriers. It is installed quickly and easily on the side of the drawer and profile.

In line with the proven MiniTec modular principle, all base cabinets with the corresponding fastening kits are combinable with den MiniTec tables. Count on the MiniTec base cabinets including accessories to achieve order, convenience and safety in industry and supplement your workplace system with a high-quality and stable component.

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