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MiniTec System
How it Works

MiniTec Aluminum Profile System

The MiniTec Aluminum Profile System allows for complete flexibility and simplicity when designing an array of products and installations for our customers.

With thousands of components, the MiniTec aluminum profile system can be used for a range of applications including machine frames, safety guards, workstations, conveyors, complete turnkey assembly lines and multi-axis positioning systems. The only limitation of the MiniTec aluminum profile technology is your own ingenuity!

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How It Works

What makes the MiniTec aluminum profile system so versatile is the easy-to-use design of the unique Powerlock fastening method, which requires no specific preparation, pre-machining, or special tools.

The fastening system works by sliding into the t-slot aluminum profiles to allow for simplified design, rapid assembly, and re-usability. By combining the lightweight structure and durability of aluminum along with the flexible options that come from the MiniTec profile system, the possibilities for industrial strength installations are endless.

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The Advantages

The benefits from the outstanding features of the MiniTec Profile System are numerous but primarily come from its ability to keep engineering, assembly time, and cost at a minimum.

Our unique CAD software utilizes the wide range of compatible MiniTec components to create proven standard-solutions. Thanks to our patented Powerlock fastener system, only minimal assembly is required. All you need for set-up or tear-down is an Allen Key. Our MiniTec profile technology can also be reconfigured later to meet an unforeseen need, saving you from further purchases.

Although the MiniTec aluminum profile system is a relatively simple solution to assemble, we also offer an installation service. Many customers opt to utilize our experienced engineers in the assembly process to make the entire installation process even easier for themselves. If you are looking for a real end-to-end solution, to increase your throughput, contact us today.

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Due to the adaptable nature of the MiniTec Aluminum Profile System, a solution can be designed for nearly any installation our customers require.

We’ve engineered everything from conveyor systems, to custom vehicle racking, to sports sideline shelters. From the shop floor to the boardroom, MiniTec Aluminum Profile Systems create durable, ergonomic, and appealing installations to meet your needs. So, if you are looking for a real end-to-end solution, from design through assembly, to testing and site installation, contact us today.

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Industries & Applications

Working with leading companies across the automotive, packaging, machinery, automation and specialist system integration markets, MiniTec continues to develop a reputation. You can count on MiniTec's supply of modular profile components, systems, and services in a range of industries and applications for expertise and reliability.

  • Automation
  • Assembly
  • Part Accumulation & Presentation
  • Packaging & Handling
  • Safety
  • Warehouse & Storage


We make automation easy with custom design, lightweight MiniTec profiles, and our creative design engineers. Utilizing our industry expertise, your manufacturing or production technologies can be incorporated with our aluminum profiles to increase your throughput. Mechanical motion with pneumatic cylinders, grippers, clamp cylinders, and vacuum cups are a few common tools used to assist in specialized automation applications. We use NUMATICS products unless otherwise specified.

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Manual stations and complex automated processes can be achieved cost-effectively with our conveyor and custom assembly systems. They consist of standardized modules that can be combined in any number of ways to create tailor-made conveyor handling systems to suit your business. Moving product from one station to another also requires different types of conveyors, as many variables of the product must be considered. MiniTec has several significant conveyor technologies that can be adapted to your specific assembly needs.

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Part Accumulation & Presentation

To help improve your lean manufacturing and increase process efficiency, MiniTec Automation offers solutions designed specifically for organized part accumulation and presentation. These products range from conveyors to storage assemblies and can help reduce your production cycles. Our products and components can also improve the ergonomics of your production process making your environment safer and more efficient.

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Packaging & Handling

MiniTec profile systems are the ideal solution for creating conveyors, pick and place gantries, transfer shuttles, and more to improve the throughput in your packaging and handling processes. Our installations are cost-effective, reliable, and easy to assemble, as well as being easy to reconfigure if a new layout is required. Your ability to ship and distribute your inventory will be greatly improved with our installations, making your entire process more efficient and productive. Learn More


Our safety components and applications can ensure your work environment, equipment, and employees be protected from dangerous machine processes and debris. We offer a wide variety of safety products to integrate into your workplace and machine designs such as REAR light curtains, Numatics safety valves, and much more. Our machine and robotic safety components are certified according to the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001) and can help you create protective guarding, environmental enclosures, and custom fixturing with proven reliability and durability. Plus, they are easy to install and can be custom designed to meet your exact specifications. Learn More

Warehouse & Storage

The profile system's modular configuration options paired with the lightweight aluminum construction, allow for the creation of any installation needed for storage or warehouse purposes. Shelving, trolleys, or even complete structures – no project is too much for MiniTec to handle. Whether it’s a small installation for your office or a large application for your numerous warehouses, you can rely on MiniTec to find a custom engineered solution for you. Learn More

MiniTec Customization

All MiniTec Products are CUSTOM designed and built to client specifications.

The solutions engineered by MiniTec Automation span a variety of industries and applications, all customized to the client's specific need. Our proven expertise and our aluminum profile systems have delivered reliable solutions across a wide spectrum of ideas. From Hollywood movie props (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) to the sophisticated material handling for solar panels, the MiniTec product is extremely versatile. Challenge us with your unique needs!

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About Minitec Automation

Intrigued by pre-engineered aluminum profiles widely used in Germany, our parent company Flotronics, Inc. researched the industry for the premier technology and brought MiniTec (Germany) to the Midwest, via our Southeast Michigan headquarters. MiniTec Automation (formerly Modular Aluminum Technology) was incorporated in 1999 as a division of Flotronics, Inc. We selected the MiniTec system from in excess of thirty manufacturers of pre-engineered structural aluminum extrusions based on MiniTec's proven reliability, affordability, and versatility.

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