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MiniTec Automation Support & Literature

At MiniTec Automation, we offer a number of resources to improve your experience with our products including interactive catalogs, digital literature, and downloadable 3D models. We pride ourselves on customer service and aim to make designing with MiniTec framing systems simple and intuitive. Browse our various resources below to find the solution that is right for you and your business.

Catalogs & Literature

To take a more in-depth look at our products, we recommend consulting our library of MiniTec Automation catalogs, brochures, and literature for additional information, specs, and dimensions on our profiles and components. Our catalogs also include assembly explanations and information on which applications each profile or component is ideally suited for. You can request a hard copy of any of our literature to be mailed to you directly or download a digital PDF for viewing convenience on your computer or mobile device.

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Download iCAD Drawings

Our unique iCAD software provides our customers with the ability to design and customize their aluminum profile assemblies with whatever dimension and layout requirements they have. The software is usable online without the need for additional modeling software and can generate more than 50 different formats in 2D or 3D. Upon completion of your design, the models can then be downloaded at your convenience. Additionally, if you have any questions in regards to designing a new installation, our experienced and friendly engineering staff is just a call away and would be happy to help you create the industrial solution you need.

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Delivery Options

To make our MiniTec aluminum profile systems even simpler to install, we have fine-tuned our delivery process for improved customer satisfaction. We can ship pre-assembled custom solutions and complete assemblies depending on size, as well as our modular kits if you’d prefer to construct your equipment on your own. Some complex assemblies may be too large to ship fully assembled and will require shipment in modular kits including detailed instructions. However, on-site installation for larger or custom projects by our experienced team of technicians may be available upon request. Let us know if you are interested in having your project professionally installed, further reducing your system or process downtime.

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MiniTec Automation Industries & Applications

Our flexible, easy-to-install, and complete standard MiniTec assemblies are built with our patented MiniTec profile and can be used in a variety of industries. Explore our applications below to learn more.

  • Automation

    MiniTec Automation can help you automate a variety of applications, such as machine guarding and conveyor systems, for efficiency in manufacturing.

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  • Assembly

    Our profiles & components and creative engineers can be used to create an efficient, flexible, and ergonomic assembly system.

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  • Accumulation & Presentation

    You can introduce lean manufacturing with MiniTec Automation's standard assemblies and custom design services for part accumulation and presentation applications.

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  • Packaging & Handling

    MiniTec Automation profiles systems and technology offers a variety of solutions for your conveyor assemblies, fully automatic systems operations, customizable workstations, and more.

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  • Safety

    MiniTec Automation test stands, machine guarding, and enclosures offer safety and ease of operation in a wide range of applications. Avoid accidents and keep employees safe with our OHSAS certified products.

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  • Warehousing & Storage

    MiniTec Automation can design strong and durable warehousing and storage solutions using our aluminum profiles and components to improve your inventory efficiency.

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