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MiniTec Automation Enclosures

Our MiniTec profile system can be engineered to construct enclosures of any kind. We have experience building systems to accommodate; robotic processing, laser and conventional welding, material cutting and finishing, fume and particulate control, part washing, acoustic dampening, and more. Certified by the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001), our enclosures are designed to ensure the safety and security of your personnel, equipment, and products from the hazards of machine processing. We can also offer controlled environments inclusive of; lighting, temperature, humidity, noise, and atmosphere to protect against process contamination and wear. At MiniTec Automation, we create enclosure and environmental systems with experience, simplicity, and quality to benefit your workplace productivity.

Enclosure Profiles & Efficiency

An added benefit to our enclosure assemblies is the ability to reconfigure them to meet any layout requirements that may arise in the future, making them a very adaptable and cost-effective solution. To create enclosures that can provide flexibility in a lightweight package, we use our MiniTec profiles and components. Our profiles and various accessories can be combined in a variety of ways to create the perfect solution for your needs. The durability and long-lasting nature of our aluminum profiles make them cost-effective. They can also be assembled with ease and without machining. For convenience, our enclosure assemblies can be designed, built, and shipped mounted to a steel base making them easy to transport, install, and use, saving you from any system process downtime, and keeping your productivity stable.

MiniTec Automation Profiles & Components

Browse our flexible and easy-to-use MiniTec Automation profiles and components to find the best solution for you! Our products are quick to assemble, reliable, and cost-effective, and we can work with you find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Aluminum Profiles

    The foundation of MiniTec Automation’s high-performance products, our aluminum profiles have unparalleled durability and flexibility to create the perfect solution for you.

  • Fastening Elements

    MiniTec Automation’s fastening elements create exceptional compatibility with our profile systems and their simplicity in reconfiguration makes them a very cost-effective solution.

  • Links & Hinges

    Our link and hinge components allow dynamic and manual motion in our aluminum profile assemblies while boasting impressive performance, durability, and minimal wear.

  • Handles, Locks, Stops

    MiniTec Automation handles, locks, & stops are easily integrated into new and existing systems. We carry closed protective handles, cylinder locks, bolt locks, twist-stops, and more.

  • Feet, Wheels, Floors, Fastening, Supports

    Our feet, wheels, floor fastenings, & supports allow for complete control and adjustment of your tables, workplace systems, guard units, and more.

  • Fitting of Panel Elements

    MiniTec Automation panel elements can easily be fitted and mounted in a variety of profiles. Keep your applications safe with our clamp profiles, screw blocks, panel clamp blocks, and more.

  • Edge, Cover, Slide & Sealing Profiles

    We provide edge, cover, slide, and sealing profiles to protect your panel elements from dust and debris and allow smooth opening and closing of lifted doors, drawers, and more.

  • Pre-Assembled Elements for Lifting and Sliding Doors

    Our pre-assembled elements are ready for use in your lifting and sliding door applications. MiniTec Automation cable pulleys, chain pulleys, door chain clamping devices, counterweights, and slide-roll elements offer safe and effective solutions for opening and closing doors.

  • Electrical Installation Elements

    MiniTec Automation electrical installation elements are highly compatible with our profile systems and provide electrical and security functions with reliable performance.

  • Drive Units & Control Systems

    Our drive units & control technology consists of motors, frequency transformers, and magnetic measuring system solutions. We provide the electrical design, switch cabinet manufacturing, testing, software development, and visualization.

  • Pneumatics

    MiniTec Automation profiles are well suited for compressed air supply in your pneumatic application. We provide connection and end plates, plugs, quick couplings, and lifting units to fit your needs.

  • Hydraulic & Vertical Adjustment

    We provide the complete hydraulic system with pumps, cylinders, tubes, and adaptor rings and plates for lifting and lowering applications in any stroke length you desire.

  • CAD Drawings

    Our iCAD software offers you and our engineers a way to easily design and plan your MiniTec Automation modular construction to your specifications.

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