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Workplace Systems

Our ergonomic workstations come without compromise, allowing you an ideal solution for your immediate needs and complete flexibility for quick-changing requirements in the future. MiniTec's workplace systems are suitable for a wide variety of one-off production processes. With all the interlinking accessories in our large product range, we can design you an even more complex production system quickly and economically.

Workstations from Our Modular System

MiniTec Automation offers ergonomically optimized standard workplace systems from our modular system. You can either choose from the fixed, or pre-defined and preferred sizes or determine the dimensions and layout for yourself. Based on the flexible and robust MiniTec profile construction kit, our workstations can be individually configured with or without height adjustment and portal construction. We also offer a comprehensive range of accessories that'll help you achieve your ideal workplace system. Our modular system allows you to implement individual workstations, team workstations, and complex assembly lines quickly and easily.

Ergonomic & Economical

Studies have shown that workplace design has an enormous impact on the well-being and performance of employees. Health, stamina, concentration, and work performance are closely linked and that's where our workplace systems and accessories come into play. In addition to worktables (with or without gantry structure) and electrically or hydraulically height-adjustable tables, we also offer lighting, drawer base cabinets, lifting columns, lifters, ESD accessories, and more. With our modular system, the ideal workstation can be designed and built to your specifications in no time at all. Workplace systems with operator guidance or intelligent assistance systems are another feature we offer and have been successfully implemented by many of our customers.

Effective & Flexible

Optimize your production processes and contribute to the health of your employees with a MiniTec workplace system that combines ergonomic needs with effective workflow. Our components are modularly adaptable to the systems in many different industries. As an expert in the design and construction of workplace systems, MiniTec Automation guarantees you economic efficiency, flexibility, and the highest quality profiles and components.

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