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Profile System

Aluminum profiles and profile systems have become indispensable in industry, mechanical engineering, and automation. The MiniTec profile system has proven its reliability in many industrial sectors from ergonomic worktables to prestigious display cabinets, sturdy safety fences to the basic structure of a complex conveyor system, or a flexible and robust automated assembly line; only the designer's imagination sets limits to the application possibilities of the MiniTec modular profile system. A sophisticated connection technology without processing guarantees maximum flexibility.

Numerous Possible Combinations According to Customer Requirements

The compatibility of the different profile sizes is incredibly versatile. For example, the 45 series with its more than 50 different profile cross-sections always has a uniform grid dimension of 45 millimeters and can, therefore, be perfectly combined with each other. The user can choose between the light version for particularly economical solutions, the closed version for demanding design or high hygiene requirements, and the heavy version for the toughest demands.

The Advantages of the MiniTec Profile Modular System

An Identical Groove Geometry for All Profiles: From 19 to 270 mm + use of DIN bolts and screws means minimized stocks and optimized efficiency.

Connecting Without Machining: MiniTec profile connectors mean minimum planning and reduced assembly time, and are electrically conductive.

iCAD Assembler 4.0: System-independent 3D construction tool with electronic catalog and automatic parts list generation means approx. 60% time-saving in construction.

MiniTec Deflection App: MiniTec Deflection app for iOS and Android offers reliable profile selection with maximum simplicity.

The Perfect Basis for a Wide Range of Applications

In combination with our linear technology, the MiniTec modular system is the basis for a wide range of demanding applications in trade and industry. This diversity is what makes customers around the world appreciate MiniTec and makes it a leading partner in the industry.

Uncompromising adherence to the modular design principle while avoiding unnecessary product variety and connection technology without processing are the decisive features of the MiniTec profile system.

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