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Packaging & Material Handling Solutions by MiniTec Automation

MiniTec Automation designs and engineers a number of systems and installations used in the packaging and material handling industries. Whether you’re looking for a solution for a conveyor, pick and place gantry, transfer shuttle, or anything in between, MiniTec Automation has a product that will suit your needs. Our profiles and components are cost effective and long lasting, bringing reliability to your packaging and material handling applications whatever they may be. 

Conveyor Assemblies

We offer a variety of conveyor systems including flexible chain (GKN), live roller (RMS), roller chain (FMS), recirculating captive pallet (UMS), small pallet transfer (TSG), flat belt, timing belt, and vacuum top varieties. We can also manufacture customized conveyor solutions based on your product and environmental needs. Our conveyor systems are built to serve manufacturing and assembly demands in a wide array of applications with flexibility and reliability in a cost-effective way. We can engineer the design and layout your conveyor system, provide modules for flexible assembly, or send you a ready-to-use system according to your requirements. Get in contact with our innovative engineers to build a conveyor system to your specifications

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Fully Automatic Systems Operations

The advantage of our MiniTec Automation profile systems is that our experienced team of engineers can customize a system to integrate with any of the automatic processes and machinery that package, stamp, label, and distribute your inventory, throughout your packaging and handling operations. The automated applications we design, customize, and build will increase your throughput and provide system flexibility due the reliability and adaptability of our profile systems. Our industry expertise and lightweight and durable solutions that will be completed on time and on budget ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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Customizable Workplace Systems

If your operations have manual processes that require a sturdy and capable workplace systems, MiniTec Automation can handle the challenge! Our assembly systems consist of standardized aluminum profile elements which can be combined in a number of ways to create state-of-the-art workplace systems, inclusive of any necessary nesting, tooling, or operator displays that may be needed. We can design and manufacture highly customizable workplace systems to meet any requirement, they can also be retrofitted with a variety of components and accessories to meet any packaging or material handling need.

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MiniTec Automation Standard Assemblies

In addition to our custom engineered solutions, MiniTec Automation offers a wide variety of standard products and assemblies in order to provide proven reliability along with reduced lead times. When time is tight, or you would rather not “reinvent the wheel”, explore our standard assemblies below to learn how we can meet your requirements. We can even develop standardized kits under a single part number for standard assemblies to simplify the ordering process providing an economical solution.

  • Conveyors

    MiniTec Automation has several significant conveyor technologies, to move product from one station to the next, that can be adapted to your specific needs.

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  • Workplace Systems

    From height-adjustable workplace systems, to tilting tabletops, and everything in between, MiniTec Automation has the components you need!

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  • Enclosures

    Our reliable aluminum profile systems can be engineered to create enclosures with controlled interior environments and to keep your workplace safe.

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  • Doors

    We offer a variety of aluminum doors including power, manual, vertical, and horizontal. Explore our options by clicking below.

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  • Gantries

    MiniTec Automation framing systems are strong and durable enough to integrate with gantry technology to organize and distribute your inventory.

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  • Machine Guarding

    Ensure the safety of your work environment by installing MiniTec Automation machine perimeter guarding as a reliable and cost effective solution.

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  • Shuttles

    Use MiniTec Automation profile systems and technology for a fast, cost-effective, and reliable solution to industrial pallet shuttle needs.

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  • Test Stands

    Use MiniTec Automation profiles and components to fit your test stand needs. Our products are safe, reliable, and efficient.

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  • Shelving

    MiniTec Automation profiles and components are the best solution for your industrial shelving needs. Allow us to assist you in creating a custom solution.

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  • Multi-Industry Applications

    Our MiniTec Automation components and profiles can be assembled in a variety of ways to fit your specific needs. Work with a creative design engineer to create your custom solution.

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