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MiniTec Automation Modular Kits

With our modular kits, you can assemble your MiniTec Automation solution yourself right on-site. Your modular kit will be comprised of all the profiles, components, and instructions for your new application. Our modular kits are shipped quickly and are easy to assemble, reducing the downtime of your operations. Additionally, assembling our products yourself will develop a familiarity with the profile systems, making cost-effective reconfiguration a lot easier in the event a new layout or system requirement arises.

Standard Assemblies

In addition to our custom engineered solutions, MiniTec Automation offers a wide variety of standard products and assemblies for proven reliability along with reduced lead times. When time is tight, or you would rather not “reinvent the wheel”, explore our standard assemblies below to learn how we can meet your requirements. We can even develop standardized kits under a single part number for standard assemblies to simplify the ordering process, providing you an economical solution.

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Custom Designed Solutions

Our modular kits are not limited to our standard assemblies. They can also include any custom designed solutions that you create with the help of our engineering team. Once the design process is finished, your custom engineered system will be shipped to you at your convenience.

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MiniTec Automation Profiles & Components

Browse our flexible and easy-to-use MiniTec Automation profiles and components to find the best solution for you! Our products are quick to assemble, reliable, and cost-effective, and we can work with you find exactly what you’re looking for.

MiniTec Automation Industries & Applications

At MiniTec Automation, we serve a variety of industries with our standard assembly modules and custom engineered solutions. Click through our industries and applications below to explore the possibilities.

  • Automation

    MiniTec Automation can help you automate a variety of applications, such as machine guarding and conveyor systems, for efficiency in manufacturing.

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  • Assembly

    Our profiles & components and creative engineers can be used to create an efficient, flexible, and ergonomic assembly system.

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  • Accumulation & Presentation

    You can introduce lean manufacturing with MiniTec Automation's standard assemblies and custom design services for part accumulation and presentation applications.

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  • Packaging & Handling

    MiniTec Automation profiles systems and technology offers a variety of solutions for your conveyor assemblies, fully automatic systems operations, customizable workstations, and more.

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  • Safety

    MiniTec Automation test stands, machine guarding, and enclosures offer safety and ease of operation in a wide range of applications. Avoid accidents and keep employees safe with our OHSAS certified products.

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  • Warehousing & Storage

    MiniTec Automation can design strong and durable warehousing and storage solutions using our aluminum profiles and components to improve your inventory efficiency.

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