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MiniTec Automation Complete Assemblies

Our customers utilize our talented sales team, innovative engineers, and unique iCAD software to turn their ideas into a finished product in a short amount of time. These complete assemblies range from basic machine guards to complex automation systems.

Complete Solutions

While some customers desire a modular kit to assemble in-house, others want a ready-to-use, complete solution. At MiniTec Automation, we can provide completely assembled conveyors, doors, enclosures, gantries, machine/robotic guards, shuttles, test stands, workplace systems, shelving, or other solutions, which are ready to install into your production line the minute they make it to your receiving dock. Our complete assemblies offer ease of integration for large and complex systems or equipment. On-site installation may be available upon request.

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Quick Turnaround & Shipping

In business, time is money. We understand you want a solution to your problems quick, which is why we're proud to offer quick turnaround and shipping. Our experienced engineers can utilize our unique iCAD software to make your vision into a tangible solution sooner than you might imagine! You can request assembly service from MiniTec Automation for large or complex systems so your solution is ready-to-use when it arrives, or we can more quickly ship kits, which you can assemble yourself upon arrival. Regardless of your order, we make sure the installation process is easy and optimized.

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Custom Assemblies

All of our assemblies come with the ability to be customized to your specific needs. Thanks to the flexibility of the MiniTec profiles and components, we can add to or change any standard assembly. Customization is what MiniTec does best, and our team is here to help. Additionally, you'll have the flexibility to change your system or modules based on your changing needs easily at any time with little to no machining!

MiniTec Automation’s complete, flexible, and easy-to-use T-slotted aluminum extrusions can be employed in a number of industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Explore our industries and applications below.

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MiniTec Automation Industries & Applications

At MiniTec Automation, we serve a variety of industries with our standard assembly modules and custom engineered solutions. Click through our industries and applications below to explore the possibilities.

  • Automation

    MiniTec Automation can help you automate a variety of applications, such as machine guarding and conveyor systems, for efficiency in manufacturing.

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  • Assembly

    Our profiles & components and creative engineers can be used to create an efficient, flexible, and ergonomic assembly system.

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  • Accumulation & Presentation

    You can introduce lean manufacturing with MiniTec Automation's standard assemblies and custom design services for part accumulation and presentation applications.

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  • Packaging & Handling

    MiniTec Automation profiles systems and technology offers a variety of solutions for your conveyor assemblies, fully automatic systems operations, customizable workstations, and more.

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  • Safety

    MiniTec Automation test stands, machine guarding, and enclosures offer safety and ease of operation in a wide range of applications. Avoid accidents and keep employees safe with our OHSAS certified products.

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  • Warehousing & Storage

    MiniTec Automation can design strong and durable warehousing and storage solutions using our aluminum profiles and components to improve your inventory efficiency.

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Are you interested in a custom engineered system, catalog component, or a MiniTec Automation standard assembly? Reach out to our friendly team of experts and engineers who can answer any questions you may have and help you take the next step to creating the MiniTec framing solution you need. Contact us today!

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