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About MiniTec The Company

About MiniTec Automation

MiniTec Automation proudly serves the Midwest with a wide variety of needs, industries, and applications with our profile systems and technology. Learn more about how the company found success below.

Bringing MiniTec to the Midwest

Intrigued by extruded aluminum profile systems and components, Flotronics, Inc. Founder Lloyd Schmaltz researched the latest and greatest manufacturers and technologies all over the world. After an extensive search the company partnered with MiniTec GMBH & Co located it Germany. Modular Aluminum Technology was founded in 1999 to serve the Michigan manufacturing market and has recently rebranded to MiniTec Automation; which reflects our solid 20 year partnership with MiniTec Germany. We have now expanded our reach to service the entire Midwest region of the United States with MiniTec solutions.

Today, MiniTec Automation is located in Clarkston, Michigan in a 25,000 square foot building with plenty of room to stock and manufacture large or small automated aluminum systems. Our team of experienced builders and engineers, led by Michael Schmaltz, provide quality, custom solutions for our valued customers.

MiniTec GmbH

Founded in 1986, MiniTec GmbH, a German company, has become one of the world's largest suppliers of aluminum profiles and probably the fastest growing with certifications including DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 14001, and European TUV for Outstanding Quality.

Keys to Success
Simplicity & Quality of Product
The Innovative Power Lock Fastener
Dynamic Marketing Team

MiniTec Automation Industries & Applications

At MiniTec Automation, we serve a variety of industries with our standard assembly modules and custom engineered solutions. Click through our industries and applications below to explore the possibilities.

  • Automation

    MiniTec Automation can help you automate a variety of applications, such as machine guarding and conveyor systems, for efficiency in manufacturing.

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  • Assembly

    Our profiles & components and creative engineers can be used to create an efficient, flexible, and ergonomic assembly system.

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  • Accumulation & Presentation

    You can introduce lean manufacturing with MiniTec Automation's standard assemblies and custom design services for part accumulation and presentation applications.

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  • Packaging & Handling

    MiniTec Automation profiles systems and technology offers a variety of solutions for your conveyor assemblies, fully automatic systems operations, customizable workstations, and more.

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  • Safety

    MiniTec Automation test stands, machine guarding, and enclosures offer safety and ease of operation in a wide range of applications. Avoid accidents and keep employees safe with our OHSAS certified products.

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  • Warehousing & Storage

    MiniTec Automation can design strong and durable warehousing and storage solutions using our aluminum profiles and components to improve your inventory efficiency.

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